How To Jazz Up Your Life with a Mentor

Hello friends, I want to share something special that I learned from a very dear companion and mentor of mine, her name is Angie.  Angie is a keen real estate investor, a tenacious reader, a remarkable dancer, a seasoned Toastmaster, and she has been an amazing role model for me in the last year.

Last week, she invited me to attend a live jazz event in Houston and we had some much needed conversation because I haven’t seen her in a while.  She listened to me intently and was very genuine when providing feedback, in particular here are 4 fantastic lessons she shared with me that I am using, and you can also use to propel yourself towards greatness in 2017!


Lesson #1 – Know Your Mind

“Trust your gut” and “follow your intuition” are two common maxims that you may be familiar with however Knowing Your Mind is more definite because our mind is the most powerful tool we can harness.  Be aware that not everyone will agree with you or see your vision so it’s important to know yourself and know your mind.  This calls for a certain level of confidence rather than cockiness, a certain level of persistence rather than pessimism.

If you are reading this now, I am sure you have encountered the next lesson which is:

Lesson #2 – Do not allow people to impose their limitations on you

Some will say – That’s not possible.  Don’t do it like that, its too hard.  This is what the nay-sayers told the Wright Brothers but now you can fly from one side of the Earth to the other in less than 3 days.

Keep your mind attentive because someone could be providing competent advice to you or they could be projecting their limitations onto you.  Don’t let anyone define your potential.  Keep yourself grounded by knowing your mind and staying focused on what you are committed to accomplishing.  To do so effectively, you will need the next lesson:

Lesson #3 – Apply The One Thing Mentality

Throughout the course of the night, I told Angie about all the great things I was doing – blogging, YouTube, Instagram, Toastmasters, collaborating with other friends, traveling, spending more time with my family, and overall developing multiple streams of passive income.

She smiled and listened patiently until it was her turn to reply.  Wise words came from her mouth, perhaps the biggest lesson I took away from our meeting was to select 2-3 actions that should be done everyday to make today a masterpiece.

This is a lesson I originally picked up from The One Thing by Gary Keller and she reinforced the idea by explaining that when you spread your attention thin, you end up with thin results.  In contrast, when you focus on 1, 2, or 3 big ideas at most, you can hone in on your peak potential and therefore align yourself for greater impact and more favorable results.

This was a MAJOR eye opener – a lesson I knew but did not truly understand.  At first response I felt a little ashamed that I had spread my focus thin but then I felt empowered by this wisdom and how I could apply it immediately.

Now I have one capstone goal that I strive to achieve everyday and that is to get one subscriber on YouTube.  I am focusing on this goal daily and when I accomplish it, I celebrate and know that I am moving one step forward towards my biggest goal which is to create a successful YouTube channel.

I started small with one subscriber a day and I plan to increment this number as my channel gains more traction.  It feels good knowing I am putting most of my energy into YouTube and this platform is where most of my results will appear.

On a final note, I want to discuss the last lesson which Angie conveyed through her personal experience with a business deal.  The lesson involves a mentor she hired to improve her real estate game and that lesson is:

Lesson #4 – Be aware: Advice from others may not come from ill-will but lack of knowledge or experience

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble.
It’s what you know
for sure that just ain’t so.”
– Mark Twain

I hope I get the chance to introduce you to Angie one day.  She is fearless and resilient and I am grateful to be her friend.  She shared a bit about a deal she presented to her mentor, someone she looks up to and seeks for higher knowledge.  Upon presenting the details of the deal, her mentor advised her to stand down and warned that the transaction would be hard to accomplish.

Fortunately, Angie knew her mind and trusted her gut feeling as well as her analysis.  She pursued another mentor which quickly saw the profit potential in the deal which goes to say, be aware of advice from others.  Do not let their lack of knowledge or experience limit you from reaching your peak potential.  Know your mind and stay committed.

It helps to have many competent mentors and to also understand that not all advice is golden.  I certainly learned much from our short time together and I am writing in high spirit and optimism about what lies ahead in 2017.

Thank you for reading, it is my hope that you can take one of these lessons and apply it to your life today to get better results.  I would like to recognize Angie for being an amazing mentor, friend, and spiritual guide!
I challenge you to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves in your life.  Those who have great fortune are the ones who capitalize on opportunities and remain persistent and committed to achieving their goals.

Together, let’s create an amazing life.  Happy Holidays!